A Christmas Garden


A Poem for a holiday you wish could be different

Grateful for another day

Thankful for many things

Blessed to be alive

Sad for outcomes

Hopeful things will come around

Pray for forgiveness not yet found

Disappointed for lost time

Saddened for missed memories

Hurt by actions

Hardened by time

Resentful for ill intentions

Forgiving for thing not yet known

Eroded by toxic anger

Weakened by silence

Softened by kindness

Despised by expectations of stuff

Blessed by feelings both good and bad

Longing for more feelings more good than bad

Lost by emptiness parts that are missing

Stuck not knowing how to share things untold

Urged by time that continues to pass

Trying to understand ‘together’ when ‘together’ is so far apart

Trying to change when ‘how to change’ is unclear

Accused of many things only one side is clear

Damaged by words both spoken and implied

Memories that damage continue to reside

Forgiveness for things that happened must prevail

Scared by expectations and feelings not clear

Wonder where things will go from here

Living with a hole in my heart which aches more everyday

Change requires action from more that just one

Love from afar is all I can do

On this Special Christmas Day

No cards, no money, no material things

Wishes of happiness and love is all I can send

New memories together I continue to hope

Merry Christmas beautiful girls

Love dad